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Join in the fight against Ovarian Cancer by attending summer camp in April!

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Kamp for Life

The Annual Linda Knox Manning “Kamp for Life”, a mother-daughter weekend in late April, is dedicated to providing a fun atmosphere where mothers and daughters can enjoy spending time together and support ovarian cancer research at the same time. The “Kamp for Life” weekend is hosted by the Linda K. Manning Fellowship for Ovarian Research.  Providing a “camp weekend” as a fund raiser for the Linda K. Manning Division is a natural choice. Kickapoo Kamp was a big part of Linda’s life!  Our annual donation averages over $12,000!

Kamp for Life

The Linda K. Manning Fellowship for Ovarian Research was established to support the work of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in their search for a cure. Ovarian Cancer is a deadly disease and the leading cause of death in gynecologic cancers. An estimated one woman in 55 will develop ovarian cancer during her lifetime. All women are at risk. This year, it is estimated that over 23,300 women of all ages will be diagnosed and over 13,900 will die.  Early detection gives a woman a nearly four times greater chance of survival. There is no early diagnostic test for ovarian cancer, but there are subtle symptoms including pelvic or abdominal pain or discomfort; vague, but persistent gastrointestinal upsets such as gas, nausea and indigestion; frequency and/or urgency of urination in absence of an infection; pelvic and/or abdominal swelling, bloating and/or feeling of fullness; ongoing unusual fatigue. Recognizing these symptoms can save a woman’s life.

Invite your friends who have young daughters to join you! The weekend is all about mothers and daughters spending time together!  We would like to extend a special invitation to all cancer survivors. We have a lot of fun times scheduled (horseback riding, arts & crafts, swimming, water weenie, tennis, etc.) or you can relax and enjoy time with your daughter. We would love to have you join us at Kickapoo!!! Lodging and meals are included in the fee for the weekend.

All of our Mother/Daughter weekends are designed to allow mothers and daughters to experience kamp together. It is important that each attendee realize that each adult will be responsible for the child attending with her during the entire duration of the Mother/Daughter Weekend. Mothers and Daughters get to stay in one of our cabins and will experience a variety of activities together.  Even if groups of mothers attend with their daughters, each mother must supervise her own daughter at all times.

Our Mother-Daughter weekends are designed for mothers with daughters ages 5-12. If you have a tradition of attending one of our Mother-Daughter weekends and your daughter is now 13 or 14 years old, please call Laura at (210) 867-0589 to discuss your situation. The minimum age for attendees is 5 years old because children under age five are not really able to participate in the scheduled activities. Also, please note that any child under the age of seven who wants to ride horses will ride only in the ring with her mother in close proximity or leading the daughter around the ring and will not be allowed to participate in riflery. Please do not ask for an exception to this rule.

There will be no baby-sitting and no child will be left unattended. Some first aid supplies will be available but no first aid attendant will be on duty. All medical expenses resulting from the weekend will be the responsibility of the attending adult. Our camp doctors will be on call for us as they are during our regular camp terms.

Lodging and meals are included in the fee for the weekend. Meals will be served at designated times (breakfast included!) buffet style. Space is limited, so reservations will be based on the date the payment is received.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is a tax exempt not-for-profit-corporation.  The weekend fees are tax deductible. The amount that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of any money contributed by the donor over the value of the goods or services provided by the charity.

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