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Kickapoo's Mother/Daughter Weekends!

Mother/Daughter Weekends

Attending a Mother-Daughter Weekend is a great way for mothers and daughters to enjoy being together in a fun environment. It is also an excellent way to learn more about Kickapoo Kamp or prepare a new kamper for her first summer at Kickapoo. We have a lot of fun times scheduled (horseback riding, water slide, arts & crafts, swimming, water weenie, tennis, etc.) or you can relax and enjoy time with your daughter, niece or friend.

Mother/Daughter Weekends

Kickapoo Kamp’s Mother Daughter Weekends are open to potential kamp families, our current kamp families, the families of our alumnae, as well as any mothers with young daughters who want to spend a weekend together at Kickapoo. After January 1, if you would like to request the dates or receive a reservation form, Click Here. Please be aware that our weekends are historically full by the end of February.

We have 5 Mother-Daughter Weekends during April and May only. All five of the weekends are for mothers and their young daughters. One weekend is extra special in that 100% of the money that is collected for the weekend goes to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in support of ovarian cancer research. This weekend, which honors Linda Knox Manning, is always held during the last weekend of April and is known as our Kamp for Life Weekend. For more information on this weekend, Click Here.

Mother/Daughter Weekends

All of our Mother/Daughter weekends are designed to allow mothers and daughters to experience kamp together. It is important that each attendee realize that each adult will be responsible for the child attending with her during the entire duration of the Mother/Daughter Weekend. Mothers and Daughters get to stay in one of our cabins and will experience a variety of activities together. Even if groups of mothers attend with their daughters, each mother must supervise her own daughter at all times.

Our Mother-Daughter weekends are designed for mothers with daughters ages 5-12. If you have a tradition of attending one of our Mother-Daughter weekends and your daughter is now 13 or 14 years old, please call Laura at (210) 867-0589 to discuss your situation. The minimum age for attendees is 5 years old because children under age five are not really able to participate in the scheduled activities. Also, please note that any child under the age of seven who wants to ride horses will ride only in the ring with her mother in close proximity or leading the daughter around the ring and will not be allowed to participate in riflery. Please do not ask for an exception to this rule.

There will be no baby-sitting and no child will be left unattended. Some first-aid supplies will be available but no first-aid attendant will be on duty. All medical expenses resulting from the weekend will be the responsibility of the attending adult. Our camp doctors will be on call for us as they are during our regular camp terms.

Lodging and meals are included in the fee for the weekend. Meals will be served buffet style at designated times (breakfast included!). Space is limited, so reservations will be based on the date the payment is received.

We believe that our Mother-Daughter Weekends are a great idea and hope that you will be able to join us.

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