Kickapoo Kamp for Girls

Est. 1925

Kickapoo Kamp is celebrating 90 years in camping!

Kickapoo has been family owned and run since 1925, when it was established by Charles L. "Chief" and LockieMae "Budgie" Ford. "Chief," a math educator in Dallas area schools, decided to establish a camp after investigating possible jobs at existing summer camps in the East. With the help of "Budgie" and other Dallas area teachers, he opened that first year with a large number of campers who attended camp for free as well as some paying customers. Kickapoo Kamp moved to several locations during its eighty year history, including Missouri, New Mexico and Colorado. When World War II began, it became impossible for train cars to be obtained to bring in campers, so the Fords moved Kickapoo to Texas in 1943. From 1943 through 1948 the camp operated on the Turtle Creek site that now is Camp Chrysalis. In 1944, the current Turtle Creek property was purchased, and the first campers attended in 1949. In 1960, "Chief" and "Budgie" turned the ownership of the camp to their daughter Bimmie and her husband Gordon Findlay. Bimmie and Gordon fostered the traditions of Kickapoo for 30 years. Bimmie and Gordon's daughter, Laura Findlay Hodges became the camp director in 1990 and Bimmie and Gordon have maintained an active role. Kickapoo Kamp has enjoyed the privilege of watching generation after generation of young girls enjoy the traditions and share the memories of their summers spent at camp.

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1925-1933 Missouri

1934-1940 New Mexico

1941-1942 Colorado

1943-1948 Kerrville
(Chrysalis Location)




Kickapoo Kamp
Kerrville, Texas • USA